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Listed below are the various departments in our
170,000 square foot factory located in Taylorsville, NC.

Open Molding
The Open Molding Department features 4 chopper guns that are supplied by a 53,000 gallon bulk resin system. Other features are a back coating system and a hand lay up station. A state-of the-art heated and cooled ventilation system ensures that a <50 ppm styrene level is maintained.
Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM)
A fully looped vacuum system features over 100 mold stations. A specifically designed resin flow system delivers precise amounts of resin to each mold.
Our Gel-Coat Department features a temperature controlled storage and pump room. The gel-coat is sprayed via 8 color pumps and 2 gun booms. A computer controlled, heated and cooled ventilation system ensures that a >50 ppm styrene level is maintained.
Trim Department
This department is a fully enclosed positive pressure environment. A computer controlled re-circulating filtered ventilation system ensures that no dust is directly discharged into the environment.
Finishing Department
Our Finishing Department is easily adaptable to several product lines. A step- by-step process line is used versus the traditional work booth process.
Finished products are stored indoors until they are ready for shipment.
Tooling Storage
All of our molds that are not currently in production are stored indoors. This climate- controlled environment ensures that the life of the mold is not reduced by exposure to extreme heat or cold as well as U.V. damage.
Custom/Tooling Department
From small molds to large architectural projects, this department is where most of the hand fitting and detail work is completed.



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