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The following companies are our trusted suppliers. These companies not only supply our high performance raw materials, but more importantly, expert technical advice.
BENCO Steel, Inc. is an independent, regional steel service center that offers many metal processing and fabrication options including sawing, burning, shearing, breaking, punching, welding, and painting.
Composites One is a single distributon organization with 32 local distribution centers dedicated to serving the composites manufacturing industry.  It is the leading distributor of composites material in North America.
Convergent Composites is a consulting resource providing a high level of experience and expertise for composites manufacturers, materials, suppliers. and OEM's.

Cook Composites and Polymers(CCP) is a world leader in the production of gel coats, unsaturated polyester resins, coatings resins and emulsions.
Crawford Composites, Inc. offers a full range of custom engineering, design and manufacturing services including everything from machining and fabrication of high-performance carbon fiber composite parts to full solid modeling and surface scan technologies, aerodynamics, wind tunnel and track side testing.
QHF, a progressive leader in our industry for over 35 years, manufactures low VOC/HAPS, green friendly coatings for the branding and re-imaging markets.  Their products are uniquely formulated to provide extreme durability, fast hiding and bright colors designed to keep you productive while meeting today’s strict environmental standards.  
SAERTEX is a multi-national company which develops and produces multiaxial fabrics made of glass, carbon, aramid and other fibers to meet the most demanding technical requirements.  SAERTEX products are used in wind energy, aerospace industry, automotive, boat and shipbuilding, railway, building industry, pipe relining, sports and leisure.
IPS Corporation is the leading manufacturer of Structural and Assembly Adhesives, as well as industrial and commercial solvent cements, primers, sealants, plumbing and roofing products.

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